Merrett Davies International provides tailored leadership development services for companies and individuals. Founded in 2011 by Anne Phelan, the company is dedicated to supporting women in business to overcome limiting self beliefs, successfully navigate business and life challenges, renew their positive energy, and attain success their way. The continuing advancement of women in business is a core foundation for Merrett Davies International while at the same time the “design your future” roadmap is equally applicable to both men and women.


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Anne Phelan is founder and owner of Merrett Davies International. She brings a wealth of international, multifunctional, cross business experience to her clients, which she acquired over a 30+ year career working with both government organizations and multinational businesses.

In fact, she began her professional life as a 16-year old engineering apprentice at a Royal Navy submarine base in Scotland. As the only girl amongst 200 boys that early baptism of fire became a powerful foundation as she embarked on a professional career. It opened her eyes to the challenges of the workplace, learning what it takes to succeed and how to push through challenge and failure. It impressed upon her the need for adaptability and an acceptance of change, while always keeping her eye on the ultimate prize. Those valuable lessons continue to serve her well on her career journey from shipyard worker to engineering graduate, to senior international executive and beyond, to the highly sought after executive coach she is today.