• Two Paddlers Working Together Towards a Common Goal

Platinum Coaching Series

Individually Tailored Coaching

3-12 Months

6-36 Sessions


At Merrett Davies International our  primary goal is to show you how to fully utilize the strengths you have (and often don’t recognize) and embody your success in a new and dynamic way. When you choose to work with us you will:

  • Boost your positive energy which will serve as a powerful antidote to the exhaustion and frustration you feel today.
  • Increase your inner confidence to enable you to make decisions from a place of stability, not imbalance.
  • Feel more connected to what is going on around you and able to take a longer term view.
  • Position yourself to seize opportunities as they arise.
  • Create the success and career progression you truly want and know you have in you.
  • Have more time to spend with family and friends.

Your coaching program can range from three to twelve months depending on the goals you have in mind and the level of personal commitment you wish to make. Our work together will be very specifically tailored to meet your needs and is likely to include a focus in the following areas :

  • Learn the key building blocks of how to increase your level of self awareness and tap into a new way of describing your world and your success within it.
  • Develop a deepened ability to observe your own behavior and approach to challenges, as well as the behavior of others.
  • Identify what’s possible when you remove your personal constructs? What’s holding you back?
  • Learn how to choose the right words to communicate with confidence and deliver powerful results
  • Understand the Emotions of Success – what does its voice sound like? What is your relationship to it?
  • Know how to deal with setbacks –  what to do when the “old you” rears its head or you “fail” again
  • Get clear on what it takes to get into action and stay there
  • Use the 3 R’s of review, reflect, repeat to keep moving your success forward

If you are someone who understands the significant benefits available to those who are fully committed to their own success then take the obvious next step and register for an in-depth exploratory conversation now!